Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The latest as of 11/25/09

Dear Guild,

FIRST: A Reminder that the Deadline for the December publication, “Observations”, is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30th. Send your writing my way!

The semester is coming to an end. We have a meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 10th, but with that being during CRIT Week I am not expecting people to actually show up. So, that meeting is CANCELED. At our last meeting we discussed planning reading to happen on campus at the very beginning of next semester, so expect it to happen!

The CWG will have a table at the Zine Extravaganza:

Please join Student Association for the December First Thursday Event: Zine*Self-Publication*Extravaganza.

This event will showcase all types of self-publication, distribution and preservation. We are inviting establishments from around Chicago, as well as SAIC's resources, collections, faculty, individual students and student groups to talk about their participation in self-publication. Come to the 14th floor of the 112 S. Michigan Building on Thursday December 3rd, from 4:30-6pm.


Do you Blog, Tumbl, or self-publish online? Well then, Student Association wants you for the Zine*Self-Publication*Extravaganza!

Come promote your online presence and participate in discussions with fellow students at the December First Thursday Event. If you would like to participate, please contact Student Association at

Heather Palmer, whose work has appeared in Creative Writing Guild publications will be reading as part of the MFAW Fall reading, December 4, 12:00pm in the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, located on the 5th floor of the Sharp Building.

In Preparation, another SAIC/BFAW publication is also currently accepting submissions. For more info visit

I suppose that is all for now. Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 16, 2009

NOVEMBER, with December approaching...

Time for another publication! The theme of the December publication is “Observations” and you may interpret that in any way, but here is the dictionary definition if you need a nudge of inspiration: The deadline is MONDAY NOVEMBER 30th. This time around there is 2-3 page limit. If you choose to submit something longer I may choose to publish an excerpt. Send your writing to Please send as a Word Document.

The October/December publication made it out, featuring work by 20 writers!

On November 1st the Guild hosted a reading and show at the Siragusa Gallery. 30 people were there and 9 people read!

Thank you to everyone who continues to contribute to the success of the CWG!