These prompts are here to get you started and help relieve the that pressure builds up when trying to write. Do them in groups, passing the page every few lines. Do them alone. Writing with constraints will help you focus, and liberate. That being said, some of these prompts are complicated, and if you are unsure of the rules, create or alter them to suit your needs. Above all, Writing is a skill that needs maintenance and practice. Take two prompts a day with a glass of neat scotch, and you'll feel like a writer in no time.

These prompts are complied from everywhere, some tried and tested by CWG.  Feel free to add your own prompts or your results to this list.

Plot Development
  • Write a phone conversation you wish you could have. 
  • Write a scene or story from alternating points of view.
  •  Construct a plot from an overheard conversation.
  • Describe a “first." Include as many details as possible, being sure to include an aspect relating to each of the five senses.
  • Write a map to describe where you live. 
  • Find or draw a picture and write a text  to accompany it. 

  • Write a text made up entirely of directions. 
  • Write a text composed entirely of questions.
  • Canceling: Write a series of lines or rhymes such that every other one cancels the one before (“I come before you / to stand behind you”).
  • Write an autobiographical poem without using any pronouns. 
  •  Write a sentence and then translate part of it into a code you create.You will need two pieces of paper, one for your coded sentences (pg 1), and one for decoding (pg 2). Pass only your encoded text (pg1) to another writer, who will decode your sentence and write a new sentence using your code, then pass it off to another writer, who will decode the sentence and write a new one and pass, ect, ect,
  • Write:
    -A statement
    -A questions
    -An autobiographical statement
    Pass to another writer, who will write
    -A statement that cancels out the first
    -An answer to the question in the form of a question
    -An autobiographical statement