Sunday, February 21, 2010

Call For Submissions

Poster by Cait Stephens

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/9 Meeting Recap

Dear CWG,


The Creative Writing Guild is currently accepting submissions for their March publication. The DEADLINE is MONDAY, MARCH 1st. Please send writing to There is a 3-page limit. If you wish to submit a larger piece, an excerpt may be published. The theme is “Implied”:

involved, indicated, or suggested without being directly or explicitly stated; tacitly understood: an implied rebuke; an implied compliment.

2/9 Meeting Recap:

-Decided on “Implied” as the theme for the March publication. See above.
-Faculty/Grad Student Reading Series: The CWG and RHE (Residence Hall Exhibitions) will be hosting a Faculty/MFAW reading series this semester. The events will take place in the Siragusa Gallery in the 162 N. State Street Dorm.
So far potential faculty participants include, Sara Levine, Janet Desaulniers and our CWG Faculty Sponsor Sherry Antonini.

Is there a particular faculty member you would like to come and read? Send me requests and at the very least I will contact these people!

-CWG Reading- We discussed a reading to take place at the Flat-Iron Building in Wicker Park in April or May. More information coming soon.

Be sure to submit work for “Implied.”

Until our next meeting 2/22,


Monday, February 1, 2010