Sunday, March 16, 2008


If I stare at these goldfish
long enough, they will turn to gold.
When they turn to gold I will pluck them out
and I will polish them and I will sleep on them
for six weeks.
I will carve them and squeeze them
and fit them into my ears.
I will rise from my bedside table
and I shall dye my hair the color of clams
and I shall paint my cheeks
the color of coral reefs.
I shall climb outside my window and all the men
in Massachusettes will stop and sink and
nearly drown in my presence
and he who I wish to save from his puddle in the street
shall marry me whole heartedy.
But until then I sit in my bedroom
and I stare at these goldfish.
They swim circles in a silver bowl
and sometimes they project bubbles
from their mouths or from their tails.
But mostly they swim they swim and if I stare long enough
these goldfish will turn to gold.


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