Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Updates

*The CWGs first Publication "Places" is due to go out in the next two weeks. It will feature writing by 14 Students.

*We have begun discussing the potential of readings, to possibly be hosted by Patrick Anderson who is starting a reading series out of his apartment and is willing to open the space to the Guild.
*Everyone start thinking about ideas for readings!
some ideas for Guild readings:
-Preparing for the Winter Doldrums
-Nostalgia and Sentimentality

*The next publication: Possibly theme: "Abridged" featuring short-short stories, short poems, haikus, vignettes and other concise pieces of writing.

* Now that a lot of business has been taken care of at the first three meetings, we can now make time at the meetings for workshopping and writing exercises.

A silly little nonsensical poem from a poem pass at lat weeks meeting:

Enclosed in a ziplock baggy
bigger than a flip flop
clip clop bop bop
dance till you drop
spin and twirl
try not to get sick
Flugle Floggle, Moggle goggle,
emitting a smell like a moldy towel
don't open the bag she said
but "pop!" there it went
spilt across the floor now; it's
no use crying now, not when it has
cried for you
many tears on the floor

*Next meeting November 4th, bring writing!

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