Saturday, April 3, 2010

BFAW Senior Readings 2010

Here are some photos from the BFAW Reading last Friday night. The readers included: Noor Shawaf, Caitlin Schriner, Rebecca Cooling-Mallard, Mark Schettler, Jeni Crone, Chase Montague Markovich, and Nora Mapp.

The evening was introduced by Mark Booth and Ruth Margraff, the readers introduced by Leila Wilson.

The guilds own-

Caitlin Schriner

Reading some poems dealing with the reunification of Berlin

Jeni Crone presenting her Senior Thesis, a narrative comic book in 3 parts, about her personal connection to Ft. Mitchell, Cincinnati, Massachusetts, and France.

Jeni's Comic (projected)

Rebecca Cooling-Mallard showing collages and reading work interpreting and translating Cy Twombly's paintings and sculptures.

Chase Montague Markovich; delivering a surmon. A good one.

This is Mark Schettler reading a sad story about the death of a friend.

Mark is also the editor of In Preperation, SAIC BFAW literary journal.

Sorry I did not catch a photo of Nora or Noor. Noor is a poet dealing with failure, and Nora writes about space relationships of people and objects.

Post and Photos by Cait Stephens

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