Saturday, October 3, 2009


Dear Guild,

The turnout at our first two meetings has been great! It is rather exciting, so keep it up. With so many people with ideas and interest in the Guild, we can do a lot this year. I’ll give an update of last week's meetings but first here are a few other points to cover:

1) Sherry Antonini, the Guild’s Faculty Sponsor has a performance this SUNDAY 10/4. Here is some information about it. Hope to see some of you there.
“O My Innocents”, a site-specific piece combining text/music/sound/performance and dance, will be presented this Sunday,
October 4, 2009, in 100-year-old Epiphany Episcopal Church, 201 S.
AshlandAve., Chicago 60607 at 6 pm. Original text and vocal recording by
Sherry Antonini. Sound score co-written by Sherry Antonini and Basil Abbott and produced/recorded at Commpost Audio, Chicago. Performance and
Choreography written and performed live by Heather Hartley and Casey Murtaugh, with Erica Mott and Helen Lee. Post-show dialogue immediately following as part of the Epiphany Dance Experiment 2009 Fall Series. $12 at door. $10 students.

2)I am happy to say that I have already received 5 submissions for the October publication! Keep them coming. The deadline is Monday October 19th. The theme is “Dialogue.” More information can be found on the blog

Here are some things discussed at the October 1st meeting:

-A Blog for Guild members to post writing and receive feedback. As some of you know, that was the original purpose for, but few people were using it so it became more of a place to post CWG updates. HOWEVER, due to this recent demand, there will be a new separate blog made for that purpose. Information coming soon!

Other things that may manifest as a blog or as part of the Facebook or Portal Group:

- Multiple people mentioned that they would like information about writing-related events in Chicago, Writing Prompts, and other valuable links, websites etc.
- A Recommended Reading list-Email me about what you are reading, your all-time favorites, maybe even your all-time least favorites. Novels, poems, poets, authors, Graphic Novels, Short Stories, etc. and I will compile a list.

-Poetry Slam Event, possibly in the ballroom, possibly as part of a First Thursday Event.

-Asking Kyle Beachy to come talk to the CWG. I’ll see what I can do.

-When I asked about expectations for the Guild, someone mentioned the idea of having a supportive group of writers. That indeed is what we are here for, to support, promote and involve writers. That said, Email me with your ideas and questions related to the CWG or writing at SAIC. If I can’t answer your questions, I’m sure I can point you towards someone who can.

-Reading to happen in the Siragusa Gallery at 162 N. State Street Dorm, end of October/beginning of November. I’ll be getting more information about this out shortly.

My goal is to start getting some sort of collection of resources together by time of the next meeting October 15th. That would include the events, prompts, reading list as mentioned above. Also, inspired by my recently obtained internship at 826CHI, I would like to provide everyone with information about non-profit writing-related places where one can volunteer.

So, there is a lot of stuff to be coming your way this semester.
Keep posted and visit

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Someone requested the link to the Facebook Group, so here it is:

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