Monday, September 28, 2009

It is almost October!

Dear Guild,

Thanks to those of you who attended the last meeting!

I’m a little behind in getting a formal announcement out but the DEADLINE for our OCTOBER publication is MONDAY OCTOBER 19th. The theme is “Dialogue.” Interpret it as you wish, but here are some definitions:
Submit writing to me (jeni)

Here are some things discussed at our September 21st meeting:
-Creating a CWG logo
-social outings (going to get ice cream, etc.)
-Going to readings and events together
-A reading in the Siragusa Gallery (162 Dorm Building)
-Writing Prompts

I hope to provide some information in response to those topics at our next meeting,
THIS THURSDAY, October 1st 4:30 Room 1302B of MacLean. Feel free to bring any writing you wish to share. I will also try to bring cookies this time.

One more thing: if you happen to draw comics you should submit them to Xerox Candybar by emailing The deadline for issue 11 is Oct. 1st.


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