Friday, October 29, 2010

Prompt Writing--Intangible

Hey guys, sorry for this belated entry on our collective prompt writing. Coming from outside the country, I think I'm more than lucky to get participated in all the inspirational activities so far . It's a lot of fun to see the infiniteness of possibilities when our imagination are ignited by our peers in the writing relay race( if the term is legible).

Ok I'll save my wordiness for the next meeting. Below is the story contrived by the six of us:

I want to capture air in photographs. I want to sew laughter to my skirt. I want to bring the scent of my flowers in my pocket.

Being able to touch me doesn’t mean we are close.I sometimes think that it would be easier to let go of such memories of you and I, sitting at the ends of the world.Cyberspace draws us nearer, but really, the closer we are, the less we touch.

Thoughts known without a connection to the sensory.A black rod running through a building, passing floors, going unseen;A fish swimming across a coast, going uncaught;a person chugging whisky, without getting drunk.This is intangible.


Wading through a pond of watercrest infused jello,I feel worried.

1,about my skin

1,about my wife

1,about my world,wobbling off it’s axis. Back into the womb from where is wondered, what if…

I drift away from the conscious realm to question;to question where I came from, who am I?why am I here?

Feel free to correct me if there are any grammertical errors.


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