Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Publication

The theme of this fall's publication will be Cut/Paste. Thanks to everyone who voted- 9 votes, which (realistically) is pretty great act of student involvement... (for an activity that doesn't involve free food)

The deadline to submit work is NOV 8Th, at 11pm! You can submit any form of work, pictures, text, fiction, non fiction, poetry, drawings. Just keep in mind that it'll all be printed in B/W.

Here are some interpretations of Cut/Paste:
  • In human-computer interaction, cut and paste and copy and paste offer user-interface paradigms for transferring text, data, files or objects from a source to a destination. Most ubiquitously, users require the ability to cut and paste sections of plain text. ...

  • pieced together from several sources

  • Composing a document by piecing together components of other documents; to delete text or other data in one document and insert it in the same or different one

  • the act of moving blocks of text from one place to another in a document.

  • Unique, engineered restriction enzyme sites in the lacY DNA are used to replace a portion of a mutant with a given cysteine replacement with a homologous segment encoding another single cysteine mutant, to construct a lacY gene encoding a protein with two cysteine residues.

The next meeting is tomorrow (Thursday) at 4:30 in 1302B, and we'll be making a mini publication, so come draw and write, and cut and paste with us!

And there will be a broadcast of the radio show at 11am tomorrow as well. So if you want to play work on it, send me your mp3's or contact me about playing/reading/sitting in in person @

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