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Minutes from the first meeting, on Thu Sep 30th:

This was one of the larger turnouts for CWG, so thanks everyone who came! And if you couldn’t make it, regular meetings will be every Thu, from 4:30-5:30 in 1302 B of the Michigan bld. Or you can just read below, there’s a ton of detail cause I just went over a lot of –importantish info. Skip to the end for summary.

Since it was our first meeting we talked logistics, and goals/needs/desires.

CWG is on the portal under “groups”- “Creative Writing Guild” Supposedly we have an e-mail, but I’m having issues with it, so for now, direct your e-mails to or, and I’ll read them. There is a facebook page!/group.php?gid=5541865678&ref=search and

This blog- if you can't tell has the important information about the meetings, our publication dates and guidelines, archives of our radio show, upcoming readings hosted by us and others, and the coolest thing of all- WRITING! This is a group blog, so please add your own work to it, and give feedback. And if you know of readings happening or cool stuff going on- talk about. Write review, post pictures, whatever, it’s a blog, go nuts. If you would like to participate, e-mail me for the login info.

We talked about the future of our publication- which looks long and prosperous. We are planning to put out 2 each semester this year, so logistically, the deadline for the first will probably be late Oct, early Nov, and the second one late Nov, early Dec. In the past the collections are writing have all been open calls for submission to the whole school based on a theme (origins, intentions, abridged, implied, passages). And we have published all submissions, we can continue that format, or we can change it if you have ideas.

There is a brand new CWG radio show, this year. We will be “on air” from 11am-12pm, every Thu. Listen live form, or listen to the archives on the blog. The show will be a series of readings, improvisations, noise, music or text performance, radio plays, performed scores, again- your radio show, do whatever you want. You can come perform your stuff live on our show, or pre-record your stuff and send me mp3s to be played. If can pre-record with CWG, we have access to the dj booth or the whisper room. Just send me an e-mail about what you’d like to do, and we’ll make it happen. If you want to attend the technical training session for the DJ booth, it’s THIS THUR, the 7th, @ 11am, meet in the booth on the 13th floor.

That being said, I am hoping to do an open call to the school for this kind of recorded work for a CD compilation towards the end of the year. You can start sending me MP3’s of that now for the radio show, or the CD, or booth, just specify where you want your work to go.

And lastly we talked about readings. It’s really easy and cheap to set up a reading. We just need a space, readers, and a microphone. So if you want to set up a reading and have location ideas, let me know and we can start the planning.

That’s all the biggies. During our regular meetings we are going to start doing some reading of each others work- so if you have stuff to exchange bring a bunch of copies. We’ll also do some writing, we can do some prompts or exquisite corpse stuff. We talked about making some mini publications…,

So think about
1. Writing- what do you want to write about
2. How should we structure our next publication/ a theme?
3. Where you might want to hold a reading
4. Playing on the radio
5. Read/post to the blog

See you next Thu at 4:30. Be there, or be square.

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